“Unlikely” Santa Grants Wishes To Children In Community

Merry Christmas from all of us at Go Inspire Go!!!

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not — we hope you’re spending some quality time connecting with your loved ones this season.

We also wanted you to think about something you and your family can do to help others as you’re enjoying your family, food and having fun.

Thanks to Volunteer GIGster Ashley Lopez for being inspired to pick up a camera and document this heart warming holiday act of kindness — Richard Valdez of San Jose, California, known as the “unlikely” Santa
made this Christmas a merrier one after seeing that a lot of families in need this holiday season. Check out what one truck driver did that has many families floored!

As Richard shows us, giving doesn’t entail a lot of money, just a lot of love…
Our Christmas wish: That you be inspired to use your resources and talents to help others!

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