Going the Extra Smile: Project Connects World Through Grins *VIDEO*

“I don’t know what I can do to help others,” is a response I often hear when people have been inspired by GoInspireGo stories, but do not understand their individual power.

Sometimes I simply quote from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, “You’ve always had the power … (to go back to Kansas),” said Glinda the good witch.

This simple reinforcing quote applies to all of us. We’ve always had the power to live better, be better and then do better for others.

For everyone who has ever asked me (or yourself) or doubted the ability to make a positive impact – no matter what socioeconomic background, gender, creed – just watch this video…and meet Claire Lemmel, someone who instantly puts a smile on your face and who has discovered the true meaning of Joy. Smile…

You’re probably grinning from ear to ear after watching this video. That’s good because if you are, it’s already benefitting your health. Many studies, including one from the University of California, Berkeley shows that simply smiling boosts the immune system, increases positive affect, reduces stress, lowers blood pressure, enhances other people’s perception of you – plus it’s easy, fun and contagious.

According to Positive Psychology News Daily: “The eyes and lips are a powerful weapon that everyone is equipped with at birth. When used for good, this weapon can exert a significant amount of health and happiness on the smiler and recipient. So become the center of a positive change ripple. Squeeze your zigomatic major, squint your orbicularis oculi, and if you really want to get things flowing … expose your teeth.” So share this video with your frowny friends, smile with “what yo’ momma gave you.”

Photo Courtesy: William Wong

I believe I’ve found one answer to the common question, “I don’t know how I can help others. What can I do?” Witness Claire’s joy and listen to Glinda. And simply start smiling. Discover your own yellow brick road and think about what you can do to make someone smile today. Onward!

For more information about Claire’s Connect project: ClaireLemmel.com

*Special Thanks: Megan Wegmann for your amazing energy & help with the Videography

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