The Time is Now: Big Announcement from Go Inspire Go

Go Inspire Go is growin’ and changin’ y’all. And that’s thanks to YOU for inspiring me to constantly grow + be better + do better — for myself and for others — for more than a decade.

Today I’m inviting y’all to look inward, look outward and look beyond. There is beauty all around us — outside and inside — and you deserve to see and feel it (Lawd knows the world currently needs to see and feel more beauty to heal).

We’re now expanding with a Life + Style segment called Style Your Spirit.

OMGosh, I’m so excited.

Every week, you’ll get fresh, quick videos with a SIMPLE design tip to create a BIG shift in your perspective. These videos were born out my mission to inspire you to be aware of the beauty around — and inside you. When you change your space, you change the place inside you. It’s even more exciting when you find it and share that spark and sparkle with others. Some of us just need a little inspiration to discover it and take action. You’ll find it here.

Think of me as your inspirational LIFE + STYLE coach. If you’re feeling stuck, in need of inspiration or a refresh to get back into your flow, you’re at the right place.

Go. Inspire. Go. YOU have the power to make the world a more beautiful place.

This change sprung from my own shift in perspective. When I left the TV biz in 2008 to start Go Inspire Go, my heart wanted to focus on sharing stories about everyday heroes. And with more than 150 volunteers, we did just that! Along this incredible journey discovering the hero in others and how they were changing the world, I learned more about how I could help change the world, too! By helping people learn how to be present and find the beauty outside and within, I was tapping into my own ability to lift, gift and shift people’s perspectives.

For those who have inspired, been a part of and contributed to Go Inspire Go’s hero stories the past 10 years, extra thanks to you. With your help, we produced and shared more than 100 videos that have been featured on CNN, ABC’s Good Morning America, Disney and Hallmark Channels, Yahoo’s front page and the Huffington Post. We’ve reached COUNTLESS people, inspiring them to Go. Inspire. Go.

You can find these videos online any time, and beginning today, you can find additional inspiration in our new LIFE + STYLE videos. Beauty really is all around us.

Episode 1: The Time is Now

While on a walk the other morning, I saw a bench with the words “The Time is Now” written in green letters. It was as if the universe told me to pause, see the green light, take a seat and contemplate the thought.

I had been brewing over marrying my love for interior design with spiritual life lessons for a while, so I decided to put my perfectionist side aside and take action. I already ordered a microphone for my iPhone and a new tripod and everythang, but after seeing that divine message, I wasn’t about to wait for the delivery to arrive! I just put this bad boy iPhone up on my ottoman and hit record.

If you’re feeling stuck personally, professionally or spiritually, listen up. This is your sign! Whether it’s changing up your décor, moving your furniture around or getting a new plant, just do it, boo. You’ll notice when you focus on taking this simple step toward doing it (whatever that is), your work and play life will start to change, too.

Listen up, there is beauty all around you and inside you. So take that step, write that book, leave that job, get rid of toxic relationships. You are worth it.

Take action!

Feeling inspired, the joy is multiplied when you share the knowledge.

Today and every day, I remind you to seek, find and feel that beauty. It’s outside and inside you, and I encourage you to embrace it and share it with others.

If you’re feeling stuck and need some design solutions to get you in the flow, comment below or hit me up social media. I can’t wait to hear from you!


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