How Dressing Your Windows Can Save You Money

You dress your body right? Well, what about your windows?

A friend asked me for some interior design advice recently, and while he had fab furniture and lovely decor, he needed a little more coziness. Draw the curtains, y’all, here’s a simple tip that elevated the style in his home while saving him money.

Take Action

1. Pick some new window dressing and you’ll perk up your home’s appearance right away.

2. Window dressing doesn’t just improve appearances, it also instantly makes the home feel cozier.

3. And speaking of improvement, it’ll also help control your home’s temperature, blocking out the cold and heat. I love saving money, especially on indoor heating or cooling.

Like the clothes you wear, dressing your windows is like dressing yourself: it shows your personality and the mood you’re in. Are you relaxed linen? Or dramatic velvet?

Extra Extra

I get dressings with neutral colors and swap them in my room regularly when things feel a bit stale 😊. 

So swap it up y’all.


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