Ninja Tips for Finding the Perfect Sofa

“How to pick the perfect sofa?” This is a question I often see on my social media feeds. It was also one of the most common questions when I worked at a furniture shop — the second-most being, “What kind of fabric should I choose for the couch?” (I’ll get to that later).

The FIRST thing you should consider before sofa shopping: 

What kind of lifestyle do you have? What are your needs? Do you have kids/pets etc? Do you entertain a lot?

Next, take a top-down approach:

1. Head: Is there support when leaning backward and do you need to rest it after a long day?

2. Neck and back: Make sure the sofa back and arm rests are height appropriate for whatever your stature. 

3. Boo-tay: Is your bum feeling supported? I love couches with one full seat cushion instead of two or three. They offer more support because your butt isn’t enveloped in the crack when sitting.

Also, it doubles as a bed and is more comfy while lying down. Again, your back will be enveloped and it’s super uncomfortable to sleep on a crack versus on a full cushion.

Another thing to avoid is tufted cushions, which are upholstery with buttons secured in a geometric pattern. Besides being uncomfortable to sit on, the tufts get loose and detach over time. Fixing them is costly. NO TUFTS FOR YOUR TUSH!

4. Legs: If you’re tall, get a sofa with more depth for when you sit down. If you’re short, get one that is less deep.

5. Feet: Are you feeling grounded? Do your feet touch the ground when you sit? You don’t want to feel like a kid in your grown-up place and you want to be comfortable, so make sure your feet touch the ground. It’s also great for when you decide to sit on your couch to meditate instead of sitting cross-legged.

6. Fabrics: Which one should you choose? Again, it depends on your lifestyle. One of my favorite fabrics is microfiber. Not only does it look chic, but it cleans easily, which is great if you have kids and pets. If durability is important to you, don’t go with materials that snag easily, like linen. Remember that pants with buttons on the back can rip out the thread. 

Extra Extra

What about colors?

I highly suggest getting neutral colors. Unless you’re trying to make a statement in your artsy abode, and a yellow or red couch tickles your fancy, stick to neutrals.  If you decide to paint your room, swap the rug, or go with another color palate, you’ll be able to keep the couch for years to come! To mix things up, buy vibrant pillows or throws for the pop of color. They’re cheaper and easier to change out. 

Happy sofa surfing y’all. I hope these tips help ease some of your concerns. If this resonated with you, please comment and let me know what your decision-making process was like and share with your friends.


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