The Substance of Style

We all have our own sense of “style.” What does that word mean to you?

This is something many of my stylish friends have been talking about lately. After discussing my definition of “style” and the importance of authenticity, I was asked to share here.

Style encompasses a lot of things: the way you dress, your home’s decor and even how you carry yourself.

Here’s what style means to me, and why it’s so important to identify and embrace your own:

Recap of video highlights:

1. Style is how you show yourself to the world

2. Success comes from standing out, not fitting in


As Dr. Seuss once said, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?”

The biggest gift you can give yourself is the gift of the true you. So are you embracing your style? If not, why? How can you take tiny steps to be more of who you are?

No one answer fits all, but start by finding people who see you for who you are — people who celebrate your differences and flair. I call this my tribe. Once you discover and unleash your true style, watch out world!


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