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Meet our fourth "50 Stories in 50 States" heroes, Chad Harper and Johwell Saint-Cilien. Their program, "Kids Helping Kids: A Hip Hop Experience," reaches out to hundreds of at-risk New York City youth with the goal of teaching humanity through hip-hop. READ MORE>>

Map: Go Inspire Go 50/50 Heroes


Animal Activist, 12, Takes His Passion Into Politics

Go Inspire Go's third 50 Stories in 50 States hero is Thomas Ponce, 12, an animal rights activist in Florida with a special gift of inspiring people from lawyers to lawmakers to protect animals through his infectious poise and passion.

Man Loans Homeless Family House for a Year

Go Inspire Go's second "50 Stories in 50 States" hero is Tony Tolbert, a UCLA lecturer and attorney who is carrying on his family's tradition of generosity by giving up his house to a homeless family of five for a year.

Go Inspire Go 50/50 Hero No. 1: The Be O.N.E. Project

Go Inspire Go is excited to unveil our first hero in our 50 stories in 50 states campaign: Matthew Kaplan, 16, founder of the The Be O.N.E. Project, a life-changing program he created for middle school students in Arizona to stop bullying behavior before it begins.

50 Heroes, 50 States, 1 Inspiring Journey

What started out as a crazy idea is about to become a reality. Our goal of spotlighting 50 heroes in 50 states has resulted in countless blessings, miracles and new friendships. Here's a sneak peek at our first hero.

The Spiritual Journey of Crowdfunding

The GIG campaign's goal was to raise awareness, consciousness and inspire action. It ended up being much more – this has been a spiritual journey.

YOU Have the POWER. Let's Count the Changes Together!

Amid the long hours of work put into GIG, there are many accomplishments that give us pause and joy. It's most validating when we hear from those whom GIG has touched. One recent connection brought me to tears and reminded me why this is all worth it.

Help GIG Uncover a Real Life Hero in Your Community

After more than six months of planning, GIG is excited to launch 50/50, our first crowdfunding campaign. The goal: To uncover and highlight 50 inspiring, unsung street-corner style heroes from each state.

Meet the Fabulous Folks Behind 50-50's Media and Org Outreach

Last week we met Justine, Kevin and Devin, the creative brains behind the Engineering and Design efforts for the 50 Stories in 50 States crowdfunding campaign. Here are the fabulous folks behind Media and Organizational Outreach.

Meet the Team Part Deux: GIG's Journey Towards Our First Crowdfunding Campaign

Last week, you met Jen, Fab and Denise, the brilliant minds behind our Marketing and PR efforts for the 50 Stories in 50 States crowdfunding campaign. Here are the awesome folks behind Engineering and Design.

Meet the Marketing & Communications Team

Since the beginning, GIG has relied on the blood, sweat and smiles of our amazing volunteers. Meet the brilliant minds behind our Marketing & Communications efforts.

Seven Crowdfunding Campaigns That Inspired Us

As the lead for this campaign, one of the first "assignments" I gave our volunteer team was for each person to share their favorite successful crowdfunding campaign. This list of seven crowdfunding campaigns has been our guiding light ever since.

Meet Our Fearless Leader

Go Inspire Go is the brainchild of Toan Lam, one of the most passionate, positive people I've had the honor of working with. You can't not be inspired after you hear his story. So let's get started.

Kicking Off GIG's First Crowdfunding Journey

A few months ago, GIG's Chief Inspirator Toan Lam had a "crazy" idea. What if we highlighted 50 of the most amazing stories across 50 states to inspire the whole country to act? Turns out, it's not such a "crazy" idea after all.