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Welcome to Go Inspire Go, a place for you to GO get INSPIRED and GO activate the TRUE YOU and find that thing you’re curious about the thing that excites you.

GIG is a multimedia platform founded by former TV reporter and PBS host Toan Lam, which leverages storytelling and social networking to drive social change, encouraging viewers like you to use your innate powers, resources, talents and networks to help others seek, find, embrace and share beauty in all forms to make the world a better place. Through blogs, videos and online conversations, we uncover and share stories that will inspire you to discover and use your power to help others.

The goal of GIG is to inspire you to see the beauty around you and feel it inside you, then share it with the world. Here you’ll find two series:

Everyday Heroes — For the past 10 years, a team of 150+ volunteers have been bringing you videos and blogs about real life heroes, compassionate volunteers and utterly extraordinary humans doing good. With your help, we’ve produced and shared more than 100 videos that have appeared on CNN, Disney Channel, Hallmark Channel, ABC’s Good Morning America, Yahoo, the Huffington Post and more. We’ve reached TENS OF THOUSANDS of people, inspiring them to Go. Inspire. Go.

Style Your Spirit — A video and blog series by Toan Lam, bringing you interior design tips paired with a spiritual tip. The goal: simple design tips that creates big shifts. My truth: Seeing the beauty in the present moment, be it a great conversation, nature or in interior design. Style is how you broadcast/show yourself to the world and how you share the spirit of you. Learn about things like the importance of candle care and self-care or how to clear the energy in your physical place and mental space through palo santo, a.k.a. “holy wood.”

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1 day ago
Whether it's a design project, waiting for a job/potential suitor or designing a life you want — what I learned about waiting well. #StyleYourSpirit https://t.co/6N1NS5TzSK
5 days ago
Don’t you love when inspiration blooms unexpectedly? The latest creative blossom sprouted into an elegant, impromptu flower arrangement for a friend's brunch. Here's the key, which we can apply to every area of our lives. #StyleYourSpirit https://t.co/5MpO22nM9X
1 week ago
Feeling stuck? Many times when designing my home, someone’s space or just feeling like life is stagnant, I step outside of my box, pause and do this. #StyleYourSpirit https://t.co/6rqb4ZMUOM