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6-Year-Old Inspires Movement to Feed 120,000

Behind the story with Toan Lam: a personal account

Phoebe is truly one of my youngest, influential teachers. She's taught me a lot about life: giving, without limits, pure altruism and having fun while doing it.

We met phenomenal Pheobe, her family and friends at a party celebrating her monumental efforts of raising thousands of dollars for the Food Bank.

I ran into Gayle, with the San Francisco Food Bank while reporting for the PBS series, "California's Heartland." I told her I was also reporting for a news station but wanted to create GIG, which was then just a mere thought in my mind. I kept in touch and Gayle graciously sent me the info about then 5-year-old Phoebe from San Francisco.

Phoebe's teacher and many people supported her, but as her teacher will admit, she was weary that Phoebe could raise her goal of $1,000 in the two months she had left before summer break. She raised $3,736.30! Fast forward a few months, We got an email from the Food Bank, they informed us that we've helped raise $20,202 for the Food Bank after Phoebe's video went viral. The news gets better!

GIG entered her video in "Tyson's Hunger All-Star Challenge." We won the grand jury prize -- Tyson Foods donated 15 tons of food, that's 35,000 pounds of chicken to the S.F. Food Bank. In the end more than 120,000 hungry people in SF got meals!

Oh and another news flash! Phoebe has since graduated from With Care, her former pre-school -- but her legacy continues. We're told she inspired her little friends to continue raising money for the food bank. So far they've raised more than $4,000! (and counting…)

Go Phoebe Go!