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Community Heroes: Sowing Seeds of Compassion in our Youth


Go Inspire Go Community Heroes is a unique, innovative and inspiring pilot school program to motivate young students about the impact they can make in the world through acts of kindness and community service.


Like so many parents out there, Kala Shah, mom of three boys under 10, was searching for concrete ways to teach her kids about gratitude, compassion and service. A chance meeting with Go Inspire Go Founder Toan Lam uncovered that they both shared a vision -- to harness the generosity of young kids and unleash their great potential to make their mark in the world. Kala invited Toan to present the Go Inspire Go Lesson on Compassion (GIG SPARK) at her kids' school, and the Community Heroes club was born!


Kids want to make a difference, but they just don't know how. The Community Heroes club provides inspiration and the tools to spark imagination and action. By sowing the seeds of compassion in elementary school, these students will grow into service veterans by middle and high school, conducting sophisticated and deeply impactful projects within the community.

Our Secret Sauce

Let's redefine philanthropy…with a huge dose of fun and inspiration! Inspiration is infectious and can have a lasting impact! By exercising "the compassion muscle" from a young age, we KNOW these Community Hero kids will lead the change toward a kinder, more compassionate and giving society.

Does Authentic storytelling + Leveraging Social Media = Social Change?

We created this modern day algorithm and have shown that it works! For two years, the Community Heroes program has been actively testing Go Inspire Go's theory targeting children as our most powerful social change agents. Using Go Inspire Go's inspirational videos to anchor a curriculum around compassion, gratitude and service, Community Hero students are asked to:
1. identify a problem in their community
2. think about how they can help contribute toward solving the problem
3. take action and get filmed being the change
4. And last but not least, share their great stories far and wide through Go Inspire Go's Social Media Bullhorns!

What's unique about Community Heroes?
-Targets young students (ages 5-10) at lunchtime
-Uses video with a curriculum geared to educate and inspire kids about finding their power to act
-Is parent-facilitated and conducted during school hours, making it widely accessible
-Is completely voluntary with students self-selecting
-Partners with local non-profits for service projects, building community understanding
-Accommodates a broad range of student-driven topics
-Leverages social media for social good, sharing stories far and wide!

Contact Kala Shah for more information.

Community Heroes Videos

Community Heroes' Inaugural "Day of Giving"

Photo A look back at the first Go Inspire Go Community Heroes "Day of Giving," which brought together 120 volunteers, young and old, from one Calif. elementary school to help with four service projects in one day to positively impact where they live and nurture a lifetime of generosity. (Sept. 21, 2014)
Video Video

First Day of School Inspiration: Blossoming Community Heroes

Photo Every parent wants their child to be generous and caring, and Go Inspire Go's Community Heroes program is helping to achieve that. Co-founder and mother Kala Shah shares the impact this program, now entering its third year, has had on elementary school students and their community through acts of kindness, big and small. (Aug. 21, 2014)
Video Video

Sun Valley Elementary's Community Heroes

Photo Wanting her kids to be more generous and community-oriented, a Calif. mother helped create the Community Heroes Club at her children's school. What happens next will inspire you to think about what you can do (to use your power) to inspire the child in your life to do something kind for others. (June 24, 2013)
Video Video

Sparking Compassion and Inspiring Service in Our Youth

Photo Go Inspire Go Chief Inspirator Toan Lam and Sun Valley School mother Kala Shah share the vision of the Community Heroes club to more than 500 elementary school students to inspire them to "Use their POWER to help others." (Oct. 4, 2012)
Video Video

Coming soon: Community Heroes curriculum and toolkit