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Tips for GIG Spark Youth Videos

Congratulations and thank you for participating in GIG Spark. You are now a part of an exciting movement that sparks acts of kindness in your circle of influence. We are excited you are participating in the video challenge and wanted to share some tips to make it the BEST possible:

  • What topic/action to choose? – Make sure it's an action that you are passionate about. You like to talk on the cell phone? Then make a video that inspires people to reach out and call someone they love. Love to read? Maybe you want to inspire a friend or two to spend a couple of hours reading at a charity, elementary school or elderly home. Be creative!

  • KISS – Keep It Short and Simple! Short: Videos should be no longer than 90 seconds. Simple: Just shoot wide, medium and close ups. No need to pan or tilt.

  • Light The Way – Make sure you are shooting in a well-lit area and there is no sun behind the subject.

  • Head Shot – If you are conducting an interview make sure you give the interviewee ample room to move his / her head around in the shot (without cutting off hair, the chin, etc). but also don't make it too big. A typical interview uses a "head shot" which approximately goes to the shoulders.

  • White is Not Right – Avoid wearing white t-shirts if you can. Bright, bold colors look best – no crazy patterns or stripes! The focus should be on the project, not the orange and blue plaid shirt someone is wearing.

  • Interviewing specifically for GIG Spark - You can interview two ways: 1. Just frame up the interviewee (head shot) or 2. Ask someone to get a 2 shot – so that both of you are in frame. Make sure the camera is close enough to get good sound.

  • Can YOU hear ME now? – It would be best to use a mic (lavalier or hand held) during your interviews, if not, make sure you're close enough to the camera so we can hear you. The closer you are to the subjects, the better we can hear. Be mindful of exterior sound that may drown your voice out (sirens, wind, AC units, etc.) If there's a lot of noise, go to an area where it's quieter, or hold the camera closer to the person speaking.

  • Steady Hands Please – Please use a tripod when possible. If you don't have a tripod, hold the camera with both hands, close to your chest, not stomach (it moves while you're breathing lol).

  • Practice Makes Perfect – Rehearse your video several times before you tape it. Practice speaking slowly; people have a tendency to rush when speaking on camera. "Act out" the video to adults before you tape and ask for their feedback.

  • Lots of energy! Speak loud, clear, and with inflection – if you think you sound ridiculously over animated and loud, that's probably the perfect energy level and will look good when you watch it in playback.

  • "Take 1", "Take 2" or "Take 3"! Do several takes. Watch the first video, then find ways you can improve and re-tape.

  • YouTube It – We highly recommend putting the video on YouTube – just make sure you tag it properly (Youth Service America, lil mdgs, get ur good on, go inspire go, inspiration, etc.) Please check out our submission guidelines.

  • Sharing is caring – Use social media and Digg, Facebook and Tweet away.

  • Be YOU, SMILE and have FUN! – Be innovative and create inspiration – enjoy!!


This GIG Spark template is designed to guide you and help with the structure of your video. Feel free to ad-lib a bit and show us your personality!!

BEGINNING: HI I'M (NAME), FROM (CITY) and I want to inspire you to _________.

MIDDLE: Show/demonstrate on video some examples of what you're doing to help/inspire others.

END: I'm (NAME) and I hope this video has inspired you to _________. What can YOU do?

***The goal isn't to have perfect videos; we just want to be able to clearly see and hear you. Go Inspire Go has the right to determine the status of any video submitted.***

Now get out there and Go....Inspire.....Go!