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"Discover and use your power to help others!"
- Toan Lam, GIG founder

About Go Inspire Go

Welcome! Thanks for joining our movement.

Everyone has a power. It comes in many forms: your talent (what you're naturally good at doing), resources or network. We believe that everyone -- yes that means you -- was brought to Earth for a reason. It's up to you whether you use it.

Some people haven't discovered it. That's why we're here!

Go Inspire Go (GIG) is a multimedia platform that "Uses Social Networking to Inspire Social Change," encouraging viewers like you to "Use Their Powers -- Resources, Talents and Network -- to Help Others."

Through blogs and videos, we uncover stories that will inspire you to "Discover and use your power to help others."

Our algorithm is simple: authentic storytelling of everyday heroes (videos & blogs) + leveraging social media = social change.

We believe that when you use your power to help others, you feel true joy.

Small acts equate to big change.

More about GIG

We feature inspirational, character-driven stories, about "regular people" who do small acts that ripple out to BIG changes.

At the end of the videos, there is a "call to action" that inspires and challenges people to give back … and spark civic engagement.

There are four GIG features:

1. GIG Original Videos, featuring everyday heroes.

2. GIG Spark, Lesson on Compassion: Millennials are invited to think about a problem, brainstorm a solution, and film themselves being the change. If they follow instructions, we may share it with the world.

3. Tea with Toan: Toan Lam, founder of GoInspireGo.com, video chats with people with diverse experiences over a cup of tea. While sipping tea, guests share how they're "Using their personal power to help others."

4. Social Good Spotlight: Monthly blog featuring nonprofits making a real difference.

Go Inspire Go is a collaborative effort of a group of people, who are connected through Founder/Creator/Inspirator Toan Lam.

Additionally, GIG has popular momentum and tremendous support from its global community. Several videos immediately went viral and have been featured in media outlets such as ABC's Good Morning America, AOL and Yahoo!

Our team invites you to join our worldwide movement and inspirational journey to inspire, empower and uplift you and your community.

Feeling inspired? Here's what you can do NOW to become a GIGster:

1. Share your story ideas: email us at info@goinspirego.com
2. Follow, like and share on Facebook and Twitter
3. Subscribe to our newsletter
4. GIG is our passion work made up of several volunteers, your monetary donations help keep the stories coming:
-Donate via PayPal
-Mail a check:
Go Inspire Go
P.O. Box 217
San Anselmo, CA 94979

We believe small actions lead to BIG miracles.

Our GIG mantra: "What can YOU do?"


Our Mission

To set up a global platform for audiences to see and share inspirational stories.

Our Vision

Viewers will discover and use their power, talents and resources to better their community.

You have the ability to help others.

We believe that everyone, regardless of age, status or money has the potential to be a better person.

Angels come in all shapes, sizes and situations. What do you like to do? What is your talent? What resources do you have that can make a major impact on someone else's life?

We see inspiration around us everyday: extend a hand to someone in need, open a door for a stranger, an anonymous act of kindness, or a smile.

Go Inspire Go uses Social Networking to Inspire Social Change