50 Stories in 50 States

How Hip-Hop is Saving Lives, Creating Humanitarians​

Meet our fourth “50 Stories in 50 States” heroes, Chad Harper and Johwell Saint-Cilien. Their program, “Kids Helping Kids: A Hip Hop Experience,” reaches out to hundreds of at-risk New York City youth with the goal of teaching humanity through hip-hop.

YOU Have the POWER. Let’s Count the Changes Together!

Amid the long hours of work put into GIG, there are many accomplishments that give us pause and joy. It’s most validating when we hear from those whom GIG has touched. One recent connection brought me to tears and reminded me why this is all worth it.

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Look around and you will see everyday heroes who use their power to help other people. We want to hear about them!

We’re looking for everyday “street-corner style” heroes who are doing what they can with their own resources to make a difference in their community.

If their actions have inspired you, tell us their story and give them the spotlight and support they need!

Please share a brief description about your community hero (150 words maximum). Pictures and video links are welcome but not required.

Describe their inspirational actions: