Toan’s Thanksgiving Tablescape Trifecta Tips

An affordable tablescape without sacrificing style.

After being on lockdown for nearly two years thanks to the pandemic’s pause, many of us are jonesing to see loved ones this holiday season.

But if you’re organizing gatherings for family and friends, do your entertaining muscles feel out of shape and in need of a good workout?

For those of you hosting Thanksgiving and Christmas, the pressure is on, especially with holiday décor and setting a table that rises to meet and greet guests in the most fabulously festive way.

You’re not the only one who wants to add flair and fun to list. For me, the break from celebrating holidays with my beloved makes me want this season to be extra special.

It’s all about reusing, recycling and reducing (your budget) — without sacrificing a stylish and elevated experience.

Fox 40’s morning crew asked me to share “Toan’s Tablescape Trifecta.” I invited their cameras into my home to show off some holiday tablescaping tips on a budget. You’re welcome to join in, too. Here’s the video, would love your thoughts!


Use branches, fruit and floras from your property, or ask your neighbor if they want to swap decor.

An easy and all-natural centerpiece from plants in the neighborhood.

On this table, I have maple leaves from a tree and greenery from our yard. Not only are the leaves colorful and cheery, I used them as place cards, or you can cut up advertisements from magazines and write names on them with a sharpie.

Environmentally-friendly place cards made from leaves.
Have fun clipping old magazines to make table name cards.

This also helps organize where people sit, if you want to group families together for social distancing.


Bargains are out there if you know where to look.

Leverage friends and family, your social media and general community. Ask folks who aren’t hosting to borrow their plates/flatware/decor.

Most of what you see in these pictures are from thrift stores, Facebook Marketplace or estate sales. These resources are great for finding unique items at affordable prices — and it’s good for the environment.

The goblets, chargers and candles were $1-$3 each!


You don’t have to do it alone. Many times, guests want to bring things and collaborate to make the occasion more special and less stressful.

Make name tags a fun craft project for kids and setting up the table a teachable moment for those who want to help.

That’s the point — to have fun, and with a little planning and creativity, you’ll have more merriment to go with the memories.

Make the holidays a fun occasion your family and friends can all help out with.

Happy Thanksgiving, y’all. So grateful for watching and sharing this vlog and your comments below on how you’re decorating on a dime while not compromising fabulousness. Never fab down, dahling.

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