How to Ring in a Safe and Meaningful New Year

The pandemic’s latest wave is prompting a pause on big celebrations this year. Ugh, le sigh, Omicron.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun, stylish time as you ring in the new year.

Fox 40 in Sacramento asked me share some tips on how to zhuzh up your New Year’s Eve. It’s all about more intimate, meaningful and connected experiences.

Here are some highlights on how to have a safe and sane NYE.

1. Smaller soirees

Bigger is not always better — this year it’s all about staying safe and quality over quantity. Instead of big parties, many folks are opting for smaller, more intimate gatherings that are more meaningful and controllable. The key here is that you can control who and how many people come to your home.

2. What’s a celebration without food? Can I say, “Potluck, please?”

Get creative and raise the bar with a potluck-themed party by creating a DIY bar. Think nacho bar or sandwich bar. One of my friends went all out and did an Eggs Benedict bar!

Or pick your favorite cookbook and ask guests to make one thing from it. This idea helps you cut costs and the stress of having to prepare everything yourself. And it’s fun!

3. Retreat — if the pandemic’s pause has taught me anything, it’s YOU do YOU, no regrets

Don’t feel stressed about doing nothing. If you feel like not having anybody over, I don’t blame you. Nothing’s wrong with vegging out on the couch, watching the ball drop around the world and FaceTiming or doing a group call to catch up with loved ones.

4. Timing isn’t everything

If you have young folks in your life who can’t stay up till midnight, ring in the new year at noon, then have lunch to celebrate. Be flexible — when it comes to being with loved ones, anytime is the right time.

So how am I welcoming in 2022? By cooking a yummy meal with a friend, creating a list of what’s working in my life and what isn’t, and writing in the sand on the beach in San Francisco things that don’t serve my highest self and letting the waves wash them away.

However you decide to celebrate the new year, may it be full of love, gratitude, reflection and hope. Happy New Year!


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