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There are so many updates going on right now due to the volume of publicity our project has been getting. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to keep updating this site with every thing that happens from one minute to the next. None of us here are looking to pretty these days, and we start to wonder if our phone companies should be sponsoring this site too so we can get some fees back for all the calling we do.

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3 hours ago
Make a positive transformation to your attitude, home and heart by replacing this one word in your daily life. #StyleYourSpirit
2 days ago
Biggest comment and questions from y’all so far: How do I get started if I want to clear clutter? I share some of my secrets on how to clear mental, physical and spiritual clutter. #StyleYourSpirit
6 days ago
Did you know your cell phone has 18x more bacteria than your toilet handle? Ewww. Here are two quick, easy and inexpensive ways to clean that phone. #StyleYourSpirit