How a Lovely Lady with a Yellow Umbrella Will Make You Smile

Just who is Amy Krouse Rosenthal? While Amy fits under many titles — artist, filmmaker, author — I know her as the-out-of-the-box lovely lady with the yellow umbrella, who created a movement that brought folks together through her creativity and made me smile. Amy inspires me to inspire you to create something that makes people in your life smile, laugh and connect. So get off your Facebook and Twitter just for a minute, and check out Amy’s videos below.

When I created my inspirational website, Go Inspire Go, after being laid off from my TV reporting gig, I set out to inspire people to discover their power and use it to help others. I never would’ve imagined that job offers, new friendships and invaluable new experiences would forge from my altruistic mission to give back through my resources and talents.

Thank you Amy for using your talents to create community, curiosity and elevate humanity.
I don’t want to spill the beans on the lovely movement she’s created; you’ll just have to watch for yourself:

This is a short film she created in June of 2008.

On 08/08/2008 at 8:08 p.m., with her yellow umbrella in tow, Amy met her online community at Millenium Park in Chicago – what happened next will make you smile:

Her project, “The Beckoning of Lovely” began with a spontaneous public gathering of strangers and friends new and old. It goes to show how the power of one could inspire others to gather and connect and create something, anything that makes you feel good, warm and fuzzy. This inspires me to think about how I can continue using my power to spread the inspiration. I hope it nudges you, tickles you, inspires you to think about what you can do, however small or large, to make someone else’s life better!

“The Beckoning of Lovely” has since evolved into an expanding film project involving hundreds of strangers from around the world. Go Amy Go!

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