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There are so many updates going on right now due to the volume of publicity our project has been getting. It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to keep updating this site with every thing that happens from one minute to the next. None of us here are looking to pretty these days, and we start to wonder if our phone companies should be sponsoring this site too so we can get some fees back for all the calling we do.

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Follow Twitter Updates
2 days ago
Whether it's a design project, waiting for a job/potential suitor or designing a life you want — what I learned about waiting well. #StyleYourSpirit
5 days ago
Don’t you love when inspiration blooms unexpectedly? The latest creative blossom sprouted into an elegant, impromptu flower arrangement for a friend's brunch. Here's the key, which we can apply to every area of our lives. #StyleYourSpirit
1 week ago
Feeling stuck? Many times when designing my home, someone’s space or just feeling like life is stagnant, I step outside of my box, pause and do this. #StyleYourSpirit