Tea with Toan: Using Music to Unify Youth, Spark Inspiration and Harmony

Name: Natalie Pryce – London, England
Occupation: Artist Manager/Music Consultant
Power: Bringing Youth Together Through Music
Catalyst: Mentor Who Believed in Her
Tea: English Breakfast

As a successful artist manager and music consultant from England, Natalie Pryce has worked with many entertainment industry stars — Prince, Beyonce and Kelly Rowland, Taio Cruz and newcomer Loick Essien — to name a few.

However, it’s not just these high notes in her professional career that enliven her. Her personal mission and passion to create a SAFE place for youth to create music and harmony in their lives, and community is her familiar tune.

Natalie shares how a chance meeting with a stranger, Father Andrew Stringfellow, on a train in the UK, inspired her life’s passion to be elevated and transformed into something quite remarkable. Watch and find out how Natalie uses her power, connections and love for music to orchestrate a unique SAFE place for youth from all backgrounds together.

Your day will end on a high note as you watch Father Andrew, local police and the community band together to give youth alternatives and structure to achieve their dreams.

Their goal is to raise £20,000 ($31,692 U.S. dollars) to create a music studio, take the group on tour and ultimately to spread the word on how communities orchestrate with the power of music and create safe havens for many Children around the world.

My Dad said, “We all have music inside of us, don’t die with it inside of you — share it.” Figuratively he meant that we are all put in this world to share our music, our message and that we have a finite time to harmonize our soul and create an impact on humanity.

Natalie, Father Andrew and their community embodies that melody. I hope it resonates with you and inspires you to be an “instrument” of action.

What can you do to share your music with the world?
What can YOU do?!

Immerse Yourself:
3. IF YOU’D LIKE TO SUPPORT OR CONTRIBUTE EMAIL: andrewjstringfellow@yahoo.co.uk

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