How to Fine-Tune Your Flow

You, me, we were all born with an internal GPS. Some call it “intuition,” while others call it your “gut.”

This GPS, or instinct, not only helps us survive — making decisions as primal as eating and sleeping — but on a higher level, it’s also here to guide us spiritually. It’s a divine gift that helps us — if we use it — navigate through tricky times and ultimately to become a better version of ourselves.

The operative part of the last sentence is, “If we use it.”

It’s funny how the universe sends us signals and synchronicities all the time. As I was writing this, my soul sister Suzanne Lettrick texted me a link to Oprah’s Master Class podcast (Part One and Part Two). I told her I had listened to it before, but would do so again as I am navigating a new chapter in my career (stay tuned for that announcement in a future blog).

As I re-listened to the program, I had an “aha” and a “hey that was a coincidence” moment. In the podcast, Oprah talked about being in the flow:

“There is a flow. There is an energy field in the flow. That is also happening with us, as human beings. We just haven’t figured out what that is yet or how to channel it, but that is definitely going on.

There is an energy field. There is an energy flow that I strongly feel in my own life and I know other people who do. You’re either in flow or out of it. And if you’re in flow, it’s like this, it’s like this, all the time it’s like this:

It’s like flowing with a stream, and the flow is in direct proportion to the center of yourself where God abides, where universal energy abides, where the divine within you abides.

How far you are from the center, from the divineness of yourself, from your connection to source energy, that which created you, is how out of sync you are with your life. Regardless of what you call it, when you can align with that, nobody can touch you.”

It dawned on me that Suzanne was the inspiration for a blog and video I created last year about “being in the flow.”

Consider this Part Two of the discussion on “flow” or “fine-tuning the flow.”

Ask yourself, “Are you in the flow?”

On a personal level, you could be wooed by that bad boy who is not only up to no good, but is not good for you.

Professionally, you could be weighing a job offer that has a great paycheck but isn’t aligned with your values. Or your boss is a jerk and constantly drains you of your power.

Spiritually, I believe every single moment has a lesson to teach us. None of us are immune from trying times. Whether you’re rich or poor, black or white, vote blue or red, famous or a regular Joe, we will all be faced with challenges.

While we can’t control the challenges, we can control how we react and how present we are to learn the lesson at hand. Challenges come in different shapes, forms, people and situations. If we don’t learn from them the first time, the universe has an interesting way of bringing them back into our lives, again and again. So pay attention!

By paying attention to your internal GPS, you will find yourself more in the flow. But fine-tuning takes practice. You’ll have to do it over and over again until you can naturally get back into the flow those times you’re feeling out of it.

How do we practice paying attention when there are so many distractions in the world?

Here’s a ninja tip: You breathe. Whenever you feel like you’re starting to stress, your body will tell you. It could come in the form of your adrenaline pumping while being late for a flight. You could be gaining weight because you tend to eat your woes away. Or you could be breaking out in hives when facing a decision to leave your job and pursue your passion work. It’s that easy, but it’s not simple.

I had a reminder to “fine-tune the flow” during a recent visit to the Palace of Fine Arts, one of my fave landmarks in San Francisco.

It was early on a foggy, chilly Sunday. I was out on a walk when I saw a flock of birds magically float in the air above the lake like an elegant dance of synchronicity in front of the Palace.

Then, I saw two swans swimming gracefully in the water. I noticed that they were flowing so effortlessly. But when they set foot on land, they became wobbly as they waddled around the lake. Clearly, they belonged in the water and were out of their flow.

My question for you: Are you waddling through life or are you in the flow? Are you paying attention to the GPS you were born with? When you pay attention, breathe, reset and, before you know it, you’ll be back in the divinity of your own flow.

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