Rekindle Your Well-Being by Sanitizing Your Spirit

During times of crisis — especially this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic — we are forced to focus, reset and rethink what matters and what’s REALLY essential.

One of the things that matters most to me is being and feeling connected to my beloved. The people I adore, cherish and am energized by.

Back in February, I recall trying to set up dinners and weekend plans with different friends. We pulled out our Google calendars and volleyed dates back and forth. Our “busy” schedules finally synced up in June, July and even into the fall, y’all. Are we really that busy?

This pandemic has put a pause, and for some of us a full stop, on the mundane merry-go-round of scheduling work and appointments.

I’m relishing reconnecting with so many people I LOVE. It’s virtual, but it’s OK. I’ll take it and soak it all up.

As things have slowed, I’ve also been creating anti-viral vlogs to share downloads I’ve been receiving from my meditations and conversations with friends. This has helped me process and choose facts over fears and present moment over future thoughts of anxiety, grounding me in ways I probably don’t even realize yet.

News stations and other organizations and individuals have also reached out to me to chat about finding calm and sanity during this COVID-19 craze.

One of my favorite humans, Lonnell Williams, and I also reconnected recently. Lonnell said he, too, has been asked by other platforms to speak about finding balance and centering his spirit.

A while back, we started our Facebook Live “YOLO With ToLo” chats about living life in the present moment and went for over a year and a half strong. Then there were the frustrating moments of Facebook Live hiccups, schedule conflicts and personal crises that put us back on the merry-go-round of daily doldrums.

So — drum roll — we have a special treat for you. We recorded a Zoom chat titled, “Sanitizing Your Spirit.” We hope this conversation will help you find peace, balance and bring you back to what matters most to you — your well-being.

If you find the chat helpful, please share with others. We will be releasing more conversations throughout the year.

Onward and inward,

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