How Hygge Can Bring Joy to Your Heart and Hearth

Have you heard of “hygge”? How would you pronounce it? How can the hygge way of life bring more joy and simplicity into your home and heart?

#TeaWithToan anyone? Tea setup in my home.

It’s not pronounced “higgy,” like in the song “Gettin’ Jiggy wit It.” Nope, it’s pronounced “HOO-GA.”

The etymology comes from the Norwegian word for “well-being.” And who doesn’t need more well-being in their lives?

When designing my home, I try to design around the things I’m inspired by, whether it be places I’ve traveled to, books or magazines.

There are a few cultures I am drawn to: French, Danish and Japanese.

The Danish concept of hygge cannot be translated into one single word, but evokes feeling cozy, content and an overall well-being through enjoying “the simple things in life.”

Things that get me feeling hygge include:
–a cup of warm tea or warm water and lemon (how I like to start day)
–bubble bath
–sun on your face
–good conversation
–chill music like jazz, classical and bossa nova

So how can you bring this hygge energy into your home and hearth? It’s simpler than you think:

Take Action

Add hygge and Wabi Sabi to your decor with natural elements such as linen, wood, metals. Being among nature brings calm and joy in this crazy, fast-paced world.

Extra Extra

Bring nature indoors, bring branches home and use as decor.
Tea in one of my favorite vessels and my some fave books.

Other favorites of mine include:
–candles and fireplaces
–a favorite armchair or settee
–using my favorite mugs and dinnerware
–branches, driftwood or foraging flowers and drying them
–anything that brings you joy and puts you in a zen mood

What simple things are you doing to bring more hygge into your space around and inside you?

If you learned something new or if you want help with a design issue, hit me up in the comments below.

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