One Thing Your Kids Need to Do Before Going to Bed Every Night

Busy mamas, papas and/or guardians of the youth, listen up. Just like it’s a good habit to make your bed in the morning, this one important nighttime ritual for your children will bring more zen physically, mentally and spiritually. Ready for it?

Teach your kids that everything has a final resting place before going to bed. This key insight will help you and your young ones lay your heads down better at night, and y’all will reap the rewards of a calmer abode when you awake.

Every night I put things away in their final resting place in my home.

My soul sister and interior design friend Helen, whom I think of as the Asian American Martha Stewart, told me this was one of the most important lessons she taught her two sons. It’s stuck with me and inspired me to put things in order before I get my beauty sleep, lol.

Repeat it with me: Everything has a final resting place!

Before you’re ready to go to bed, picking up the remote control, refluffing the pillows and putting away the dishes MATTERS. Here’s why putting things back where they belong matters on a physical and metaphysical level:

Again, here’s a recap of why we should make it a habit to put our stuff back where they belong:

1. It trains you to be and stay organized. Who doesn’t like a home where you can find things easily?

2. Things have energy, so putting them back in the right place keeps flow in your space.

3. When you awake, your place is tidy and you feel restful and not stressed from the clutter.

Take Action

On a serious note, speaking of final resting places, you may know that I’ve faced a lot of deaths in the family. Yes, I lost four family members in 2001 in about a year’s time. My dad, aunt and both grandmothers passed away. Death has taught me so much about life… that none of us escape this thing called death.

So while we are still here on the planet, we need to be intentional with the way we live. Yes, that means making your bed every day, which clears your head. Use your best stuff. Treat yourself and your home to the simple, inexpensive luxe gift of flowers. And of course, put your stuff away.

If you do things with intention, your life will have added meaning, clarity and you’ll save more time and money. I promise. Death has taught me to live more, so be intentional. Leaving the world and your home a beautiful place at night matters. You, and everything you do, matter.

If you learned something new or if you want help with a design issue, hit me up in the comments below.

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