Igniting the Power within YOU and YOUR Community

What’s your power?

It’s a loaded question, but if you are brave and present enough to try and answer this question, the trajectory of your whole life could transform.

Like nature, our lives are filled with wonder. The intelligence, connectedness and energy surrounding every cell in our bodies has a purpose. And while there’s beauty in nature, there is also chaos. That’s OK. Become friends with chaos, as it will lead you to the blossoms and fruit you’re intended to bear.

I believe we are all here on Earth for a reason. We are called to something bigger than we could ever imagine.

It took me a lot of struggle and I’ve had more than my fair share of chaos culminating in my life before finding my passion work, GoInspireGo. I learned that my power is inspiring people to discover their power and sparking them to use it to help others.

One of those people is Kala Shah, whom I met two years ago at a LinkedIn networking event. She, like many parents, felt overwhelmed. With three kids under eight-years-old — two of them, rambunctious twins — who could blame her?

She told me that beyond juggling her daily schedule — shuttling kids around, running the house, being a good friend, family and community member — she was looking for that next step in her career that would allow her to keep life in balance. Deep down inside, she was also searching for ways to teach her kids about gratitude, compassion and service.

Be careful what you wish for! Like a flower needs a bee, we found one another. I told her that I was creating a lesson on compassion for the youth through my nonprofit, Go Inspire Go, and wanted to get my message into schools.

She invited me to speak at her kids’ school, Sun Valley Elementary in San Rafael, Calif., about being a community hero — how everyone has the power to use their talents to help others. Of course, we captured it on video. The seeds of an innovative, creative and inspirational program was born. With a lot of planning, elbow grease and organizing, two years later the Go Inspire Go Community Heroes Club has taken root in her community and blossomed into a model program to engage young kids in community service. All the while having a lot of fun!

Kala vowed to meet with the kids every other week during their lunch hour to give them a platform to organize their thoughts and take action:

1. She shows them a Go Inspire Go video.
2. They talk about this problem (the video presents in their community).
3. They brainstorm ways to be the change.
4. They take action — collecting clothes, toys and household goods and money while partnering with local trusted non-profits.
5. We share their good works on social media.

Words can’t describe the excitement in the kids’ eyes as Kala meets with them. The jubilation in the room as kids brainstorm how they can be of service to others is magical.

My hope is that this video will inspire you to ask yourself two simple, but life altering questions: “What is my power?” and “How can I use it to help others?” The result: JOY. I promise. Dare to click on this video below and own your power.

I know that every one of us has a bee-like mentality. We are searching (and are here) for a purpose. We want to find that purpose, be validated, feel loved and innately, we want to share it. Kala’s light was dim when I met her more than two years ago. As you can see in the Community Heroes videos, her light is powered on a higher voltage now. And while Kala’s, the kids’ and the community’s futures seem bright, they are the ones illuminating it all along.

Thanks to a LinkedIn innovation grant, Kala and I are piloting this youth program (and digital toolkit) at Sun Valley School. We are working on bringing this program to other schools in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Eventually, we’ll expand the program into middle schools and high schools, where the kids will create videos and snap pics of their own to share via social media. Community heroes — coming soon to your neighborhood! It’s easy, it’s fun and it’s impactful. Come join us!

Take Action:

Whether you’re a parent or have a youngster in your life, watch and feel reinvigorated to challenge yourself to be a change agent.

Join our movement. More info: [email protected].

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