A Short, Easy, Effective Exercise to Find Your Passion

People often ask me, “You seem so passionate about your work and purpose in life — how do I find my passion?”

What a loaded question! I thought about this for a while and came up with an exercise to help you find your passion.

I want you to close your eyes. Be still. Take five deep breaths. Focus on your breathing. Now take some time to think about the things that excite you when you wake up each morning. Can you focus on funneling that to just one thing that excites you the most?

For example, I love food, travel and design, but what gets me most excited is communicating with people. The idea that my words and stories can inspire people to be better and do better for themselves and others gives me the chills. So naturally, using my power of communication to tell stories of everyday heroes to inspire the hero in each of us makes sense. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be a paid “job” — rather something that puts a sparkle in your eye and gives you a rush of excitement.

Now, time to take action. What can you do to make that dream a reality? Take baby steps. If you love to read and write, make time every day to write for 30 minutes. Don’t have that much time? Then do what works with your schedule. Maybe write 15 minutes a week. The idea is to take action.

Take action:

1. Channel your inner child: Think about what you naturally loved to do as child. I enjoyed reading, writing and talking. When I was growing up, I read books aloud in my pretend reporter voice. I would even read shampoo bottles out loud in the shower: “Rinse, lather, repeat.”

Toan at Kent School

2. Sharing is caring. Tell people your story, write it down, any way you feel comfortable. You’ll be surprised by all the connections and opportunities that will come into your life.

3. Have fun. Your passion doesn’t necessarily have to be job related. Just play with your passion and if it’s authentic to who you are and really lights up your soul, things will naturally fall into place.

Here’s to finding your passion…

What’s your passion? How did you find it? We want to know.


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