Live in the Moment, Use Your Best Stuff

I want you to be real with yourself when answer today’s design question:

How often do you use your best stuff? Be it your fine bone china or your favorite candle, what is holding you back?

I’ve experienced a lot of loss and grief in my life. In 2001, I lost my dad, aunt and both grandmothers in about a year’s time. What death has taught me is to live more.

Why are you waiting for a day that matters more? The truth is, every day, moment, second is special. That’s because it is the present moment. Time is fleeting, not promised. So today’s message is to use your good stuff, and often, boo.

My cousin’s girlfriend came over for tea one time and said, “I noticed you intentionally curate your stuff and experiences. When you made tea, you used your fancy tea cups and saucers.”

Later, when I visited her home, I noticed her awesome Aesop hand soap was still full after having it for several months. I said, “Why aren’t you using this fabulously fragrant soap?” She had an aha! It’s not about the stuff — it’s about how you see you and the world around you.

Deep down inside, she felt she wasn’t worthy of using the soap herself and, instead, she should save it for guests. She thought the good china should only be for “special” days, not realizing each day is special. I told her you deserve to enjoy it — you are fabulous the way you are.

You don’t know what will happen tomorrow, so carpe diem. Lather your hands up and enjoy the divine fragrance of mandarin orange, boo.

Spiritually, think about it — if a cup of water isn’t used to hydrate you, it will get stale and old. New water can’t be poured in that cup to be enjoyed and, on a cellular level, it won’t hydrate and nourish you. When it comes to using fancy dishes, many people worry that family’s heirlooms will break. To that I say, so what?! If we go through life not using the things that bring joy, then joy can’t permeate and flow into our lives. Instead the energy will get stuck on the dust that collects on the plates.

How using your good stuff helps you live your best life

1. You’ll realize the present moment is the only moment and is special.

2. You’re clearing the energy by using your good plates and candles, because the dust isn’t collecting on them. It helps you realize MORE GOOD STUFF IS ON THE WAY.

3. Using your good stuff physically puts you in contact with the stuff you love. You’ll get more use out of it.

Take Action

Please enjoy your nice stuff. You’re worth it. Has this blog inspired you to use your best stuff and live your best life? If so, please comment below and share this with your friends. If you already are using your favorite things, please share a story on how you came to that decision.

Extra Extra

I believe sharing is caring, so share your fancy stuff with people you love. Curate an evening dinner and have your beloved over for tea or dinner with the special china and linen napkins. Extra kudos for finishing it off by lighting that fave candle.


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