Toan’s Home Tour — A Storied Space

More than just a physical space, homes hold many deeply personal emotions, memories and stories.

Growing up, I was ashamed of my home. We were on welfare, living in bad neighborhoods in South Sacramento. Our first home in America was in a trailer park, all 10 of us crammed into one small space. My homes — and the meaning of what “home” truly means — have evolved over time.

The homes on my street in San Francisco were a backdrop for the movie, “The Joy Luck Club.”

A home should rise to meet you, no matter your budget, and it should tell your story: your culture, interests, where you’ve traveled. I’ve shed the shame and learned a lot about how to design a home that is functional, healthy and full of charm. I believe a home should be a sanctuary, where you rest, retreat and just be.

I was honored to have one of my fave design websites, Apartment Therapy, do a tour of my storied San Francisco apartment and share my story, one that I long felt was not one worth telling.

I created this video to show you what my home means to me. As I walk you through each room, I talk about some of my favorite things, the stories behind them and of course, a design tip.

Welcome and enjoy.

If you learned something new or have a question about my home, please hit me up in the comments below. Sharing is caring, so hit that follow button and share this with your peeps.


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P.S. Special thanks to Larry Wong and Francisco Raposo for shooting and editing the fabulous video!

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