One Word That Can Change Your Home and Heart

It’s summertime and one convo that is heating up the mom, dad and family world is about juggling work life and kid life as many kiddos are out of school and on summer vacation. I hear a lot of parental complaining about having to do this and that, from chores to shuttling kids around and figuring out activities to keep them busy while school is out.

I’m not a parent, so I certainly am not criticizing, but noticed myself becoming very present and still among all the chatter. One day, I started to think about a word I used to use a lot while having to help caregive for four family members at the same time. 

Here’s a short video I created about how replacing just one word can inspire a different attitude in your personal, professional and spiritual life — not to mention your home life!

Take Action

Swap the word “have” with “get.”

I used to always say, “I have to take my dad and aunt to the hospital” or “I have to translate for them with medical professionals” or “I have to stay at home with them and can’t go out with friends.”

After losing four family members in a year’s time, I felt regret. I wanted to spend another day with them. Then it hit me, what if, from now on, I say, “I get to, instead of have to?” For example, “I get to clean up the apartment.” Praise the Lord I have a toilet to sit on!

This change definitely shifts my perspective and I find myself not complaining anymore about having to do chores and errands!

Can I say #majorlifelesson? I turned to an attitude of gratitude and my complaints, feeling of drudgery and woe-is-me melted away.

So when I am asked to help another family member out, I say, “I get to… take them to the hospital. I get to spend time with them. I get to do my part time work and move home to take care of them.”

What do you get to do?

Call your family. If you’re lucky enough to “get to.” Get to it!

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