A Summer Refresher & ‘Style Your Spirit’ on TV

As we close out summer and another school year begins, I want to remind you to think about one of the most important things for yourself: take a moment from the hustle to do you, boo.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve loved design — from interiors, fashion and even the design of nature when out for a walk — and friends have been urging me to share my interior design tips.

This year, I did what I’m encouraging you to do — “do you” and follow your curiosity — with the launch of “Style Your Spirit,” a video series featuring simple design tips that also lift your spirits. I talk about things like candle care and self-care, how making your bed inspires the thoughts in your head and how to change the ambiance in your room in seconds. In short, I’ve been playing, and I encourage you to play, too. Do you, boo, unabashedly. 

Where this will go, I don’t know, but it’s been fun and I enjoy getting messages from folks who say it’s brought them joy, inspired them to be more creative and changed the clutter in their home and heads.

I was recently asked to share my joy on TV. It was a big step for me. Yes, I’ve been on air much of my professional career, but this time it was different. I shared a little piece of my spirit and soul on FOX40 Sacramento’s morning show last Friday. Hope this lifts, shifts and gifts you also, in some way:

Take Action

1. What are you curious about? What will you do to take action on that curiosity?

2. Put yourself on your schedule. If you love to bake or write, set a designated time to play!

3. Share your work with others. It likely will change the life of your audience.

Behinds the Scenes Extra Extra

This experience was SO FUN! As I mentioned in the video, this was a full-circle moment for me in many ways. Fifteen years ago, I was an assignment editor at FOX40 in Sacramento. I was on a team in charge of organizing and dispatching reporters out to their stories.

Recently, my friend Monika Diaz, news director at FOX40, recommended that I share my tips on their morning show. Voila, TV and style magic, y’all! Thanks to fabulous producer Taylor Tucker and anchor Simone De Alba for your generosity.

Please share your curiosity with me in the comments below. 



Spread your joy.

Happy end of summer and welcome fall y’all!


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“Style Your Spirit” features fresh, quick videos with a SIMPLE design tip to create a BIG shift in your perspective. These videos were borne out my mission to inspire you to be aware of the beauty around — and inside you.

When you change your space, you change the place inside you. It’s even more exciting when you find it and share that spark and sparkle with others. Some of us just need a little inspiration to discover it and take action. You’ll find it here.

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