Checking in on Your State of Mindfulness

It’s been a dozen days since the “shelter in place” mandate here in San Francisco. How are my Bay Area peeps feeling? What about the world community? One thing this pandemic is teaching us — WE are ALL in this together. We have no choice.

It’s like being strapped in that crazy amusement park ride that scares the crap out of you. The ride is in motion and you hear clicking sounds around you. YEP. S*** just got real.

Thanks for being with me on this ride for 12 days so far, y’all. The only way to get through this is with mindfulness, so let’s make it a little less bumpy together.

Mindfulness is key to getting through the roller coasters of life.

What is mindfulness? It’s the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. It could be of your physical surroundings or what you’re thinking and feeling inside.

I hope this video inspired by my meditation this morning is the key to help you find peace, as that emotional and physical roller coaster of life whirls us up, down and all around.

Take Action

Ask yourself the triple A’s:

1. Awareness — What am I thinking? How does it make me feel? If you’re feeling anxious, is it something you can control?

If you are worried about paying the bills because you got laid off, it’s OK to feel the feels, but then let go. You can’t control who hires you, but you can control getting that resume in top order and asking folks in your network to connect you to jobs at their workplace.

2. Attitude — What is my attitude toward that thought and feeling?

When you are having a stressful or angry moment, be mindful and aware of what you’re thinking, and remember to breathe. It usually takes me 10 deep breaths to bring me back to a grounded, non-reactive state. Then think about the things you’re grateful for! If you can’t be excited for what you have, even if it’s your breath, then when you do get that opportunity, it will never feel enough.

3. Action/Reaction — What am I going to do because of that thought and feeling? Is it a positive or negative action or reaction? Do you turn to substance abuse or exercise and meditation?

Be aware of your thoughts. They become your actions and then your reality.

How will you be more mindful?

Here’s the artwork created by @tallienatt I mentioned in today’s video. I LOVE it so much. This is a great practice to do either solo or as a group exercise with your kids and friends. Please share what five things you’re experiencing in the now and tag me @toanlamtv and @goinspirego.

5-4-3-2-1 Grounding Exercise by @tallienatt

Fasten your seat belts, y’all. When you practice mindfulness, you’ll discover it doesn’t matter what roller coaster of challenges you’re on. Through the fear, you will be OK. In fact, you will be wiser and better for it.

High-five to you for getting to today!

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