Don’t Sleep on this Digital Detox Tip

Whether it’s electronics, emails or social media, technology is invading our lives! I liken our energy to a cell phone battery: we recharge when we sleep and wake up, hopefully, full of energy. 

This year, I’ve been more aware of how, and how much, I use my phone. Let me be real — I still struggle with habitually swiping my screen and am on social media more than I like. But the key is, I’m mindful and trying to improve. As the late poet Maya Angelou said, “When you know better, you do better.”

Here’s one thing you can do before bedtime so you won’t be tempted by your gadgets:

Take action

Avoid temptation by removing electronics from your bedroom altogether.

Why? It’s simple, and by improving your quality of sleep, you help rest and energy flow in your room.

1. According to the National Sleep Foundation, electronics disrupt sleep and wake cycles.

2.  You won’t be inclined to check your phone and mindlessly scroll through social media feeds. You also won’t be tempted to do work or check an email that will worry you.

3. Also, it’s bad form and bad manners. If you’re on your phone, watching TV or on your computer in bed, you’re not paying attention to yourself or your boo.


Try keeping electronics out of your room for a week and see how your life improves.

Extra Extra

My “Yolo With ToLo” co-host Lonnell Williams and I devote a whole segment each show to digitally detoxing. You can watch our weekly chats here.

As promised in today’s Style Your Spirit video, here are my “Making Your Bed” tips.


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