Time Out for a Coronavirus Mind, Body and Spirit Check

Hey y’all, reality has set in. It’s Day 2 of “Shelter in Place” for much of the San Francisco Bay Area. How is everyone doing?

While the whirlwind of news continues — new coronavirus cases/deaths, attacks on Asians around the globe, and a possible stimulus package — the earth is still spinning.

It seems like many people are spinning out of control with the “worst-case scenario” mentality. I’m not downplaying your fears, but for a moment let’s take back our power and focus on a higher vibration and stay positive.

I’ll be posting good news, stories about heroes and positive words to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy.

Today’s message: Do one thing for your mind, body and spirit.

Here’s today’s pep talk/video diary I made just for you:

Let’s recap.

For your spirit: Pause and meditate. I’ve blogged extensively about morning routines and my meditation practice. Most recently, I shared this blog about how to calm yourself during the coronavirus pandemic.

For beginning meditators, start with 10 deep breaths. Sitting still for just one minute used to be hard for me, but today, I meditated for 40 minutes! Haaay! If you are feeling up to the challenge, here’s how I was able to build my meditation stillness.

For your body: It’s simple, just move it. I’m sure you can make up millions of excuses why you can’t exercise. Yes, gyms have shuttered, kids are home from school, maybe your city is on lockdown. STOP now, breathe and get to the basics.

I’m no doctor (although my mother would be happy if you called me Dr. Lam), and I don’t know your medical condition is, but if you’re healthy enough for any physical activity, do what you can! Here’s my exercise routine today:

Started off by putting Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” on repeat.

Five rounds of:
-jumping jacks

It was so great to sweat. My mind and body feel better already. Sorry in advance if the aforementioned song is stuck in your head!

For your mind: Keep it healthy and positive! Yes, there is a mirage of things we can worry about: bills, childcare, our health. But tune into a higher frequency and you’ll feel a shift.

Start by changing your perspective. Parents, don’t complain about your children being home from school. Wasn’t there a time when you wished you didn’t have to work so much so you could spend more time with the kiddos? I hear parents complaining right in front of them. Be mindful, they’re sponges. They soak it all in.

I love this artwork created by Alessandra Olanow:

Yass, more WE, less ME!

I’ve decided to reach out to some elders in my community to see if they need help grocery shopping, running errands, or just want someone to talk to. Please, if you’re able, reach out to seniors and folks who are immunocompromised to see if they could use a hand (or ear).

I’ve said it many times before, and I’ll repeat it again. When this outbreak first happened, I felt powerless. I started to freak out as I watched the news and scrolled through my social media feeds. Then, I began to focus on my breath, calmed down and regained my power, my thoughts and my actions.

I remembered that I have the power of storytelling. I recalled Mr. Fred Rogers sharing his mom’s response to bad news: “Look for the helpers.” Then it clicked. I started to look for the helpers/heroes and shared their content. I’ve done some Instagram Lives with two heroine-sister-friends, Ashley Gin Fong Linker and Salisha Thomas. Please have a listen to our convos and share if you care!

Toan and Ashley Gin Fong Linker

Toan and Salisha Thomas

What else are you doing to pass the time and calm your mind, body and spirit? I want to know! Please comment below.

Stay calm and collectively, we will get through this!

Much love,

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