Meet the Fabulous Folks Behind 50-50’s Media and Org Outreach

Go Inspire Go is proud to present a weekly blog series written by GIG Board Member Connie Chan Wang every week leading up to our 50 Stories in 50 States Indiegogo Campaign launching on April 24. Our goal is to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our world as we prepare for our crowdfunding campaign and to inspire you to join us on this revolution — this movement to inspire!

By Connie Chan Wang and Toan Lam

Last week we met Justine, Kevin and Devin, the creative brains behind the Engineering and Design efforts for the 50 Stories in 50 States crowdfunding campaign. Here are the fabulous folks behind Media and Organizational Outreach.

Kala Shah Fiona Pattison

What are you doing for the 50 Stories in 50 States campaign?

Kala: I’m helping spread the word about GIG’s 50-50 campaign to aligned organizations and media outlets. We’re trying to reach a broad audience across the country, inviting people to tell their stories about how they’re influencing their own little corner of the world.

Fiona: I am the U.K. and Europe PR representative for Go Inspire Go, plus consultant to Toan Lam. My job is to spread the 50/50 campaign and to promote the Go Inspire Go message.

Why are you excited about it?

Kala: GIG has been telling stories about local everyday heroes, and the 50-50 campaign is taking this storytelling to a whole new level. This is exciting because we’re able to amplify GIG’s great message and inspire countless more. This inspiration stuff is infectious, and we want to get as many people involved as possible!

Fiona: I am excited about being a part of the social change that GIG is making happen within this movement.

How has GIG inspired YOU?

Kala: GIG has offered me a wonderful platform, moral support and the energy to start a Community Heroes club at my son’s school, Sun Valley Elementary in San Rafael, Calif. Toan and I presented GIG Spark, Lesson on Compassion to 500 students last September and ever since I’ve been facilitating a weekly club to plot ways to give back to our local community.

Fiona: Everyday extraordinary things are happening. GIG and Toan Lam have reaffirmed my belief in human kindness.

Tell us your favorite inspirational quote.

Kala: “If we are to create peace in our world, we must begin with our children.” -Mahatma Gandhi

Fiona: “Be the change you want to see in this world.” -Mahatma Gandhi

This is the sixth post in our “Journey Towards Our First Crowdfunding Campaign” blog series.

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  • April 24 is the big launch date on Indiegogo. Until then, we’ll be blogging every Monday about what we’re doing to get there. Next week, we’re going live! Scream it, shout it and share it! Join our movement to uncover everyday heroes in your state so viewers can discover their power to help.

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