The Science of Letting Fear Flow Away From You

There is an unprecedented amount of fear we are feeling collectively around the globe.

The emotion of fear is real. It could save our lives. It could also cost us our lives.

I’ve been obsessed with how to deal with fear during these uncertain times. It’s the topic of many conversations with loved ones.

In this time of fear and uncertainty, stay focused on the positive.

So how do you let fear flow away from you instead of paralyzing you? By shifting the focus away from negative topics in the news and our conversations, and zooming in on positive ones.

I’ve been checking news updates only once a day, not spending time scrolling through social media and limiting the time I spend talking to folks about how scary the world is right now. Yep, I tell everyone I don’t want to spend most of our time talking about bad news. In today’s Zoom meeting with my Toan Lam Show team, we ended by having everyone share “good news” or “good experiences we’ve witnessed.”

Speaking of good news, if there is only one article you read during this quarantine, it’s this one written by Dr. Eugene Choi on the pandemic of FEAR.

Dr. Choi explains the science around fear and how it impacts your mood, immune system and overall wellness. He offers a plethora of solutions on how to shift your perspective and explains the science behind your attitude, compassion and empathy.

His comprehensive assessment of fear and how to deal with it moved me so much, I had to pause and practice what I learned. Here’s a video diary of my thoughts:

Take Action

Here are three things this article reminds me to do when fear arises:

1. Recognize the fear and breathe. Take 10 deep breaths, then follow up with action. Write in your gratitude journal or count 10 things you’re grateful for. Sometimes I like to be still and alone as I process. Other times I need to call and chat with someone to let my thoughts and fears out.

My gratitude journal.

2. Gratitude is like a magic pill, taking you out of lack and into abundance, no matter what you have. It shifts your spirits by simply reframing what you have instead of what you don’t. My friend Lonnell Williams has a gratitude partner whom he texts on a daily basis what he’s grateful for. There are gratitude apps galore, but if you’re not into the digital stuff, just tell a friend why you’re grateful for them and what you have. When you focus on gratitude, more goodness comes.

It may seem counterintuitive, but when you feel down, give back. It can be a simple gesture, like donating to your fave nonprofit or writing a thank you note to someone. Giving back shifts your perspective. Even the smallest gesture will boost your current mood.

3. If you can’t control it, don’t worry about it. So many of us worry about things we can’t control. The truth is, there is so much we are not in control of. So, feel your feels, and then relinquish the worry about what you can’t control. Take action on what you can control. If you’ve lost your job, you can’t control or worry about who will hire you. What you can control is getting your resume and cover letter in top order and sending them out.

What are you doing to let fear flow through you? Please comment below and let me know, or tag me @toanlamtv and @goinspirego.

Big love to you. I am grateful to you for reading and sharing this message.


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