Yay, You Woke Up, Now Get WOKE

Yay! You woke up today. Did you know that more than 150,000 people don’t wake up every morning? That means many more were not able to say “goodbye,” “I love you” or express how much they cared for that person.

Thank you baby Jesus for another day!

It seems increasingly more difficult to find light in the darkness of our world that’s filled with coronavirus craziness, pandemic pandemonium and an eruption of protests against all the racism that is being captured and shared thanks to our phones.

I usually wake up each morning and meditate, then check my phone. But after all the unrest this past week, I went down that rabbit hole of scrolling through headlines and posts to start the day. Then, I did my meditation and this is what I downloaded:

Yay, you woke up, now let’s stay woke.

How do we find bliss in the abyss of bad news that is filling up our feeds? Here’s some sunshine for you, sunshine. Now you know I love you because I shared this message right after my meditation when I was still in my meditative/zen/numb state and one eyelid still swollen from sleep (Asian brothers and sisters, you feel me?):

Take Action

1. Breathe, meditate and make a date with yourself to be still for a moment. You’ll reset, reboot and relove yourself. I know it can be hard to calm yourself and your mind. Here are some ninja tips on how to begin and strengthen your stillness.

2. If you’ve been watching WW’s “Oprah’s Life in Focus: A Vision Forward,” you’ve heard her say that she wakes up every morning and reads something inspiring to start her day. Every single spiritually woke person I know does this — tuning into a higher vibration.

You can do this in whatever form works for you: writing five things you’re grateful for in a journal, listening to a guided meditation or just sitting still and breathing.

Do it. It will change your energy field and mood. And you can reset every moment of your day that you’re feeling angst or anxiety.

3. Now log off, go hug your dog, family (if you’re in the same household — such strange times that I have to even type that) or yourself.

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Onward, upward, inward,

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