A Simple Pandemic Prayer to Calm Your Anxiety

What do you say when news headlines seem like they couldn’t get worse? What do you say when dark energy seeps into your light? What do you say when you have no words to console others or yourself? What do you say when you close your eyes to pray and don’t have a THANG to say?

It’s OK to say nothing.

Pause… breathe… repeat.

And just be for a moment or two.

It’s been hard for all of us to process the two pandemics (COVID-19 and BLM) physically, mentally and spiritually. It’s more important now than ever to know that you are not alone. And there is hope. The lesson is in the challenge.

When I have no words and inspiration escapes me, I go into prayer. I’ve talked about the power of prayer and how it really works.

Prayers don’t have to be super woo-woo, convoluted or deep. These simple words I learned from the great mystic, spiritual teacher and medical intuitive Caroline Myss have helped me calm the anxious thoughts that have been surfacing more often since the pandemic struck!

I hope you find peace in this simple prayer: “God, hover over me.”

Take Action

1. Attitude of gratitude. Think of five things to be grateful for. Say them out loud. Write them down. You’ll notice a quick, palpable energy shift right away! Just as darkness and light can not exist together, neither can the abundance and lack mindset.

2. Just say, “Thank you, God” and “Hover over me.”

3. Share this with someone who needs some light and protection.

Bless you,

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