Meditation Affirmation to Calm the Mind and Body

Hey y’all, how are you doing today? No, really, how are you feeling on the inside (mentally) and outside (physically)?

It seems like every other conversation during the double pandemic I’m calling “COVID-19 Craze” and “Black Lives Matters Movement” revolves around meditation: how to calm your anxiety, stress less and let go of what you can’t control.

I recently woke up to get a tall glass of water and was greeted with this amazing sunrise. Wowza!

Instead of walking to the kitchen to quench my thirst, I must’ve been more thirsty for some peace and calm because I walked over the window, snapped a picture of the sun rising over San Francisco’s Coit Tower and fell into deep meditation. I felt the sunshine warm my face and took deeeeeep breaths. My body and mind immediately went into a state of numbness and not a thought came to mind.

Just last week alone, several people have said they are having a hard time quieting their mind while meditating. If you’re having a difficult time sitting still, here’s a guided meditation that I’d like to share, from me to you.

Take Action

1. Bookmark and listen to the video again if you need a calming voice to soothe your soul and anxiety.

2. I’ve blogged about how to stay on track and get back on track if your meditation practice has fallen to the wayside.

3. Even if you feel like you’re on a mediation streak, here’s a check-in on your state of mindfulness while meditating and while going about your day.

Grateful for you!


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