Paying it Back: Unemployed Man Lifeline to 60 Neighbors

Every Tuesday afternoon, you can hear the wheels of Herman Travis’ shopping cart clacking against the cracked, sloped sidewalks of San Francisco’s Bernal Heights neighborhood — an annoying sound for any passerby. But for many residents in this low-income community the sound is heavenly — their angel Travis.

Small Acts. Big Changes. What can YOU do?

A six-year-old’s determination led to 135,000 meals for the homeless. A college student sought to remind other women about the beauty they all possess. These are some of Yahoo’s Inspiring Acts of 2010, which feature ten ordinary folks whose small acts of kindness rippled out to big changes.

Four Kindergarteners Inspire 135,000 Meals for the Needy

Meet Ethan, Emily and Sophia — three of the youngest humanitarians you may ever meet. These kindergarteners have raised money, rallied resources and heightened visibility to enable the San Francisco Food Bank to serve more than 135,000 meals.

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