Move Your Furniture, Shift Yourself

If you’re hankering to update the look of your apartment without spending money, this episode is for you. Move it baby…. When people come to my home, they frequently say, “Something’s changed!” That’s probably because it has. I move my furniture often. 

The many faces of my San Francisco apartment.

I get bored with the same look and feel — like the energy needs to be moved around. There are so many benefits to movin’ your stuff, boo: here’s a dance and a video I made to inspire you to mooove….

Take Action

1. Moving furniture around lifts your place because you will declutter, clean and tidy — not to mention gets rid of dust sitting in hard-to-reach places.

2. Moving furniture around gifts you with what feels like a new place. Try it. Simple as that.

* I tend to move my curtains, vases, books and trinkets from room to room, too.

3. Moving furniture around shifts your perspective, that new energy flowing through.

If this inspires you to move and shake, comment below and share with your beloved.

So what are you waiting for… shift your stuff, lift your spirits. Go, get to movin’…

A well-designed place is always changing with your mood.

You’ll see and feel the change immediately.

If you learned something new or need help with a design dilemma, holler below. Sharing is caring, so hit that follow button and share this with your peeps.


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