Take Off Your Shoes Challenge

The first thing I do when I get home: take off my shoes, boo. There are more than a million reasons you should take off your shoes in your home. Here are three top reasons why:

1. Dirt and Bacteria

Need I say more? You’re inviting dirt, bacteria, feces and all the germs on the floors you’ve traipsed on into your home.

This blog shows many more yucky reasons why you should kick off those shoes and swap them for house slippers. This factoid freaked me out: There are about 1,000 bacteria on your toilet seat, but millions on your shoes.

2. Separation From the World and Your Sanctuary

Feng shui wisdom says that low level energy seeps to the floor. When you are walking around outside, your shoes touch the ground. If you wear shoes in your home, you bring that energy into your home.


Cue the Queen of Soul — even Aretha will tell you it’s all about R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

Many cultures, including Asian, Northern European and Canadian, believe it’s disrespectful to wear your shoes in the home. I agree, taking off your shoes is a sign of respect to the folks living in the home and to the home itself.

Extra Extra Tip

If it’s awkward for you to ask your guests to take off their shoes, put a sign on the door or in the foyer of your home that says, “Please take off your shoes” or show them the “Take Off Your Shoes Challenge” video, lol!


* Try taking off your shoes in your home for one week and notice the difference it makes in your personal, professional and spiritual lives.

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