How to Set a Fancy Table and WOW Your Guests

When was the last time you went to a dinner party and said, “WOW?!”

It brings me joy and delight when folks come over and see my festive dinner tablescape, because I LOVE treating my guests to a curated, fabulous and memorable dining experience. It’s how I say, “I love you + care about you.”

Fancy-fied dinner tablescape at home.

I’ve vlogged about how to create a casual and formal table setting. Now it’s time to share my secret tips to fancy-fy your table and wow your guests. Okurrr. Let’s get to it.

Take Action

Notes on how to fancy-fy your table:

My fancy-fied brunch table.

Elements of a well-styled “fancy-fied” table include:

Fancy-fied dinner for my birthday at home.

1. Florals: Y’all know I believe in the power of flowers. A simple or dramatic floral arrangement in the middle of your dining table always wows! Plus, it’s nice to have something live, green and/or colorful popping out as the centerpiece of your tablescape.

2. Accent piece:  A single bloom/flower, sprig, lavender/herb or a piece of fruit, like a lemon or persimmon, set on the napkins and plates shows you added a little extra detail to make the experience more magical.

3. Charger plates: Adding a charger or large decorative plate that frames the dinner plate adds fab and an upscale feeling. For a more causal feeling, use a place mat. I love linen place mats.

4. Cloth napkins: Using linen or cloth napkins is doubly fabulous. It gives your guests a fabulous feel and is good for the environment. Can I say, double happiness?!

5. Candles: Lighting a candle changes the energy and inspires people to be present and enjoy the experience even more. I prefer using unscented candles at the dinner table so the aroma doesn’t interfere with tasting the food.

6. Name cards: Add this special detail to eliminate the guesswork for your guests to know where to plant their glutes. It also cuts the awkwardness of telling guests they’re in the wrong seat.

Fancy-fied dinner, Peruvian lomo saltado!

Extra Extra

Setting the table shows you’re putting intention and thought into the dinner experience.

When people come to a fancy-fied table setting, they’ll feel extra fabulous and wow’d. Plus, they’ll remember the experience.

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