Dr. Toan Lam, the Dentist?!

The vernal equinox is in full-swing and spring is here. Happy Iranian New Year to everyone!

Sunrise on I-80 in California

As I sit here at a coffee shop in San Francisco, I am amazed. Motivated. Moved and beside myself. Yesterday, I woke up at the crack of dawn (see the picture taken on I-80 at 7 a.m.) and had an AMAZING experience. The feeling was so intense, my eyes welled up with tears and got puffy. I looked at my eyes in the rear view mirror, they were glazed over, with happiness and elation.

I was driving to Sacramento, to meet with the ABC and Fox stations at Kennedy High School, where Erika Duran, an assistant teacher, who was inspired by the Tent City Sacramento story was being profiled in a story for the local news. That’s when I got a text message from Dr. Dana Berry, an unemployed dentist from Sacramento at 6:29 a.m. It read “Let’s do a story together.”

Dr. Berry was so moved by this website that he called the President of the Dental Examiner’s Board of Sacramento to take action. He told me, “Toan, we are working on a plan to assemble a team of Dentists to give free dental care to the Tent City community.”


Every day, I receive new bursts of inspiration.

I am inundated with e-mails, comments, story ideas, etc., viewers who are moved and inspired by this Go Inspire Go movement. People who were touched by the stories on this web channel, contacted me and asked, “How can I help?” Many others have said, I will work for free to help your cause. WOW! And that is more than I can ask for, people who pause for a moment and think: What can I do, in the scope of what I know best, with my skill set and talents, to help out my community?

Lonnie Wong, reporter with Fox 40 News asked me, “How do you feel, knowing that your movement has taken off so quickly?” I said, “I am pleasantly surprised and humbled, but I am only the messenger. It’s the people who are creating change and a movement to better their communities… Which in turn inspires me and others who are witnessing their actions of goodwill. I know one thing for sure, I can’t fix teeth, but I sure can try my best to tell a story, and connect people to others who are like-minded.”

What can you do?!

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