Is Anybody Listening?! Check out this Amazing Video on my YouTube Channel!

I just posted a video titled: “Is Anybody Listening?

It was sent in by Yasmine F., in San Francisco, who saw it on YouTube and was inspired. Being a glass-half-full-type person, I see this story/project as an inspiration and motivation for everybody to get up, look within ourselves and ask, “What can I do, within my skill set to better my community?”

One of my viewers, Colin S., told me, he’s donating some business suits to a local shelter in Santa Barbara and encouraging his co-workers to do the same. Debbie M, from Vallejo, asked me where she can donate her extra tent in her garage! Maggie D., of San Francisco Facebooked me, and is going to buy a first aid kit for the homeless too. WOW, what can you do? Now do it!

Please share this YouTube link: … and share the inspiration!

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