Creating Through the COVID-19 Crisis

There’s something I’m fully enjoying during this pandemic that’s helping ease my mind, body and spirit — tapping into creativity. I LOVE seeing what y’all are making — from your quarantine baking and cooking chronicles to crafts, writing, and flower arranging.

Creating puts a pause on wandering thoughts and allows us to focus on the present moment and the project at hand. This message came from a download during a morning meditation. Here’s how creativity is helping me get through the coronavirus crisis.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve had my moments with the not-so-nice parts of this epidemic. The uncertainty. The misinformation. The new normal of social distancing. The loss of a good friend from COVID-19.

In response, I’ve been feeling the feels, meditating (sometimes twice daily instead of my usual once a day), praying and journaling — all things that bring me out of the darkness and into the light. But to be real-real, I’ve had to work harder than ever to be at peace and tap into joy.

When I reflect back on my most difficult of times, I’ve noticed a pattern. Getting into my creative space is like a vibration tuning me into a frequency of exuberance. This realization has brought healing and helped me through the gloom.

What’s bringing you light and back to the present moment during this COVID-19 crisis?

Take action, create something and share that beauty with the world. WE can get through this TOGETHER.

Onward, upward and inward,

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When you change your space, you change the place inside you. It’s even more exciting when you find it and share that spark and sparkle with others. Some of us just need a little inspiration to discover it and take action. You’ll find it here.

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