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Go Inspire Go (GIG) is proud to introduce its first Social Good Spotlight, to raise awareness of individuals and organizations doing good in their communities in order to inspire others to take action and ultimately make real social change. GIG believes everyone can find inspiration in helping others, whether it’s through doing small acts of kindness or working at an organization dedicated to making a difference. If you know of an individual or organization that you think should be featured, please contact GIG and help us forward their stories to inspire the world.

GIG Social Good Spotlight:


What is DooF?

Formed by Mike Axinn, DooF (food spelled backwards) has found new and creative ways to teach children how to eat well using the power of multi-media entertainment, education and live events.

What is DooF’s mission? What big changes is Doof trying to make?
DooF’s mission is to explore food from every possible perspective – backwards, forwards, sideways, upside-down and inside-out – in order to teach kids about how food gets from its source to their table.

Jennifer Schumacher, a DooF and GIG volunteer told us about this amazing organization.

So a couple of my volunteers (Robert Fletcher and Erin Sitt) and I came to the DooF-A-Palooza event at Jack London Square in Oakland, California and helped her produce this piece.

Thanks for the scoop and great editing job, Jen!

How is DooF using its power to help others?
DooF does many things, from producing short videos explaining how food comes from local farms and ends up in restaurants and markets to providing teachers with lessons plans to teach in their classrooms. DooF also puts on “DooF-A-Pallooza,” an event that brings together local markets, food producers, farmers, and families. On May 22, 2011, hundreds of families attended DooF’s 3rd festival at Jack London Square in Oakland. DooF describes it as a “food-backwards, table-to-source, food educational experience” that includes entertainment and hands-on activities with growers, chefs, purveyors, businesses, and cookbook authors.

What inspires DooF to do this work?

For years, children have been taught nutrition by being told what food they should and shouldn’t eat. The failure of these messages to inspire children to eat better and be physically active inspires DooF to think differently and show children how to have fun with food. By truly engaging children, DooF hopes they will truly learn healthy habits and live well.

What is DooF working on now?

DooF continues to look for new ways to spread its message of smart eating and play. An immediate project is to start working with younger filmmakers to produce films focused on having fun with food.

How can GIGSTERS get involved and support DooF?

1. Visit/Volunteer with DooF
2. Be mindful when you eat. Love every bite and chew.
3. Think about one simple thing you can start with to improve your diet. Can you drink two more cups of water daily? Eat fruit and almonds for a snack in between meals?
4. Inspire a youngster in your life to eat healthier.

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