Finding Calm During These Isolating Times

It’s still surreal to me that we’re on Day 9 of the “Shelter In Place” orders here in the San Francisco Bay Area. As we pause to focus on the essentials, this new reality is summed up in a post I saw online: “It feels like Mother Nature (or whatever force is at hand) put the world on timeout.”

In the midst of this global timeout, let us reflect, both individually and collectively:
-What are the lessons we are supposed to learn from this experience?
-Will we take action on what we learn from these lessons?
-Where do we go from here?
-When will a sense of normalcy return?
-And how are your mind, body and spirit doing?

With so many more questions than answers right now, the most important thing we can do is use our powers to give back. I promise that is the only way to feel a sense of purpose and elevate the human experience for yourself and your housemates during this unprecedented time.

I believe I was brought to life to use my energy to tell stories that help you discover your power so you can use it to help others. This, in turn, always seems to boomerang back with a feeling of joy.

Along this coronavirus journey, I’ve been interviewing heroes/helpers via Instagram Live chats and creating anti-virus videos to help quell the other pandemic: the pandemic of panic.

Admittedly, I wondered if anyone was reading my blogs or watching my videos. Sometimes, I thought nobody would care or garner any wisdom from them. But something magical happened along the way. My intention to help others has, in turn, helped me as well.

Recently, I was surprised to hear from a dear friend, Kathy, from Australia, with whom I haven’t connected in a while. She called to tell me that my blogs have helped calm her nerves and inspired her to make the most of the time with her family and her creative ventures.

Here’s a garden she was inspired to create for her elder parents and herself. What a way to nourish the mind and body, Kathy!

Home garden made by my friend Kathy.
My friend Kathy was inspired to build this home garden to help her through the coronavirus slowdown.

I was also delighted to receive texts and DMs from folks telling me how my words and energy inspired their day.

If you haven’t had a chance to watch or read my vlogs, I invite you to check them out. My hope is that you will find more ease, calm and power in your experience and that you will use your platform to spread light to everyone you touch during these dark times.

Meanwhile, I’ve been super excited that TV producers from some news stations here in California have asked me to be on-air guests. The latest invite came from FOX 40’s morning show in my hometown, Sacramento.

They asked me to share my thoughts on how to find calm during these isolating times.

Take Action

MIND: Keep it healthy and positive! Start by changing your perspective, focusing on gratitude and what you have.

BODY: It’s simple, just move it.

SPIRIT: This pandemic taught us that we are all in this together. Nothing helps you lift your mood better than connecting with and helping others.

  1. Get creative with your virtual meet-ups — group chats, dinners, homeschooling or even group fitness workouts. You’ll feel more connected.
  2. Community/Unity — Lift spirits by volunteering to run errands like getting groceries for an elderly or immunocompromised person.

How are you using your power to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy? How will you use your power/talents to help those around you?

I want to know! Please share and tag me @goinspirego and @toanlamtv.

You are loved! We will get through this together,

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