Meet the Marketing & Communications Team: GIG’s Journey Towards Our First Crowdfunding Campaign

Go Inspire Go is proud to present a weekly blog series written by GIG Board Member Connie Chan Wang every week leading up to our 50 Stories in 50 States Indiegogo Campaign launching on April 24. Our goal is to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our world as we prepare for our crowdfunding campaign and to inspire you to join us on this revolution — this movement to inspire!

Since the beginning, GIG has relied on the blood, sweat and smiles of our amazing volunteers. Our founder Toan Lam has inspired more than 60 volunteers globally to use their power to help the cause — to uncover everyday heroes to inspire you to discover your powers (talents, resources and network) to help others. For our 50 Stories in 50 States crowdfunding campaign, it is no different. Meet the brilliant minds behind our Marketing & Communications efforts: Jennifer Schumacher, Denise L. Poon and Fab Chanavat.

What are you doing for the 50 Stories in 50 States campaign?

Jen: I’m part of a great social media volunteer team that creates real-time engagement for our fans and followers.

Denise: I’m part of the behind-the-scenes Go Inspire Go business development efforts to secure large donations and develop creative partnerships between GIG and corporate sponsors.

Fab: I’m part of the team behind the communication plan for the 50/50 campaign. I help craft messages and talk to people we wish to engage in supporting the project.

Why are you excited about it?

Jen: I’m excited about my role because it allows everyone an opportunity to be part of the 50/50 campaign and to see their civic action in motion.

Denise: Both the 50/50 campaign fundraising process and goal are exciting. It’s incredibly energizing to work beside talented volunteers, who are creative, engaging and filled with optimistic energy. Our storytelling goal of capturing acts of generosity is simple and inspiring enough to motivate viewers, who never before would consider how much they can make a difference. Imagination is our only limit in sharing goodness.

Fab: The 50/50 campaign is a turning point for GIG; the start of a new scale of impact. After successes close to our home base, we are dreaming big! 50 states! We will discover and tell stories close to people’s home and hearts; close to YOUR heart. And most importantly, we will make sure these stories are told to many. Remember Newton’s third law of motion? We tweaked it a little. GIG’s law of emotion: Inspiration = Action = Inspiration = Action, etc.

Tell us your favorite inspirational quote.

Jen: “Be the change you’d like to see in the world,” Ghandi. I try to practice this as an mantra every day to remind myself that every little action can ripple out to big change.

Denise: “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity,” Seneca (Roman philosopher)

Fab: I personally always keep in mind Mark Twain’s words, “They did not know it was impossible, so they did it.” Let’s get the inspiration ball rolling!

This is the fourth post in our “Journey Towards Our First Crowdfunding Campaign” blog series.
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April 24 is the big launch date on Indiegogo. Until then, we’ll be blogging every Monday about what we’re doing to get there. Next week, we’ll introduce you to the awesome folks behind Engineering and Design.

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