Meet the Team Part Deux: GIG’s Journey Towards Our First Crowdfunding Campaign

Go Inspire Go is proud to present a weekly blog series written by GIG Board Member Connie Chan Wang every week leading up to our 50 Stories in 50 States Indiegogo Campaign launching on April 24. Our goal is to give you a behind-the-scenes look into our world as we prepare for our crowdfunding campaign and to inspire you to join us on this revolution ⁠— ⁠this movement to inspire!

Last week, you met Jen, Fab and Denise, the brilliant minds behind our Marketing and PR efforts for the 50 Stories in 50 States crowdfunding campaign. Here are the awesome folks behind Engineering and Design: Justine Castro, Kevin Lee, Devin Williams.

What are you doing for the 50 Stories in 50 States campaign?

Justine: I’m part of the design team and I assist in creating graphics.

Kevin: I’m helping out with updating the website and editing our amazing, inspirational content.

Devin: I am happy to be a part of the graphics/producing team and I helped create the title animation for the 50/50 video.

Why are you excited about it?

Justine: I’m excited because this campaign stands for something beyond all of us. This idea of reaching out and highlighting an “everyday hero” is a beautiful phenomenon to watch unfold. Saying you’re going to make a difference is one thing but to put forth action is another. I believe this campaign will be a catalyst for viewers to know and believe in their power, take advantage of the many platforms that we easily have access to, and set forth their own action to help others. It’s truly exciting and I’m grateful to be a part of it.

Kevin: Through Go Inspire Go, I’ve learned about many people doing extraordinary acts from all ages and walks of life. What’s been even more impactful to me is seeing the reactions and actions other people have taken as a result of these stories to help out and further their causes. The 50/50 campaign will bring greater exposure to more of these stories from all over the country and hopefully engage people to connect with and support the ones that resonate with them.

Devin: The 50/50 campaign is exciting for me especially because I believe in the power of inspirational video. I am the director and editor of a series that focused on the message of hard work. The series ended up inspiring people from all over the globe to stop being lazy and work hard. The 50/50 campaign, I’m sure, will go over and beyond anything that I put together, simply because it’s preaching a positive message no matter who you are. I am honored to have played a part with the motion graphics in this video. Whenever I have the time, I am more than willing to help see these videos make their way across the globe.

Tell us your favorite inspirational quote.

Justine: “To be is to do/To do is to be.” -Socrates/Plato. So simple but it speaks volumes in any context.

Kevin: “Everything happens for a reason.”

Devin: “A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”

This is the fifth post in our “Journey Towards Our First Crowdfunding Campaign” blog series.
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April 24 is the big launch date on Indiegogo. Until then, we’ll be blogging every Monday about what we’re doing to get there. Next week, we’ll introduce you to the lovely ladies behind events.

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