10 Unconventional Things I Do To Make Myself Happier

By Rebecca Temsen
Guest Blogger

Sometimes, all we want is to be happy. I know we can’t be happy all the time, but just a few good moments can really make your day. I’ve written a post titled “I Want to Be Happy! 41 Things That Will Make You Happier” with 41 great things that can make anyone happier. There are some really cool ideas that are unconventional and here are my Top 10 from that list and why I love them so much!

P.S., I won’t be explaining too much about the points but more about why I think they can work. This is not just a summary of that post, but it’s a different perspective. You can check out the post to read them in more detail.

1. Remember the bad times

Bad times are bad times. You may think it’s counterproductive to start remembering them, but I look at it in a different way. I look at what I went through and appreciate how easy things are now compared to those times. In that perspective, I believe we can all be a bit happier when we start remembering bad times.

2. Wake up early

If you’re like me and you hate waking up early, you must be thinking, how can waking up early make me happier? It goes a bit deeper than that. Whenever I get up earlier, I tend to do a lot more. I get more things done, I feel more productive and most importantly, I feel that my day is not wasted.

3. Stay up late

Waking up early is one thing. This is the total opposite. In this case, I stay up late to have fun, binge watch a show or just relax in my bath. You can do whatever you feel like, but in my experience, just make sure it’s not work. The extra time spent staying up late and doing something relaxing has really been beneficial to me.

4. Call in sick to work

This is not the best piece of advice, but calling in sick to work can do wonders! Here’s how I look at it: It’s Sunday night and I’m dreading everything because Monday is coming. I call in sick, Sunday is great and when Monday comes, I take the day off doing whatever I like. It’s like two birds with one stone. I feel happier on Sunday and Monday! But don’t tell your boss I suggested it.

5. Cook a meal

You might not be a great cook. I definitely can’t cook to save my life. So why suggest it, then? Go ahead and find a recipe of your favorite dish, go to the market and get the ingredients and try cooking. There’s just something about cooking. I’m not sure if it’s creating and eating your dish, or the conversation it starts. It doesn’t matter if you’re eating alone or with friends and family. Somehow, it just makes me happier. Then there’s baking!

6. Wear that outfit

What this means is wearing something fancy. I have it, you have it. It’s tucked away in the closet and we save it for special occasions. Why not make today a special occasion? Wear it, go out or stay in. It doesn’t matter. Heck, maybe you can even cook a meal, then change into your outfit to eat it. The feeling is strange, yet satisfying.

7. Pet an animal

Animals are great. I’m not talking about petting your own pet. Head over to the pet store or shelter. If you hate animals, you might still want to head over and just observe them. See how animals live without stress, without worries. It’s almost like when we were kids. There’s something soothing about petting an animal that brings so much joy. Even better, go ahead to the local petting zoo and watch the kids petting animals.

8. Write yourself a letter

This is something I try to do every year. I tend to do it at the start of the year. I’ll read the past year’s letter while I write next year’s one. It doesn’t have to be a year’s wait. I’ve tried a month and what I read is just amazing! My thoughts at that time will always amaze me. Take it one step further and write something to your future self when you’re really happy. Then one day when you feel a bit down, take that letter out and read it.

9. Dare yourself to do something silly

When was the last time you did something silly? Honestly, I prefer to do this somewhere I won’t be recognized and I’m sure you would too. But this is great. Taking the first step is exhilarating, but once you’re in stride, there’s no stopping you. And the feeling? You can’t imagine! Get some ideas online and just do it!

10. Do smiling exercises

What’s a smiling exercise? It’s exactly that. Exercising your smile. Look in a mirror and start smiling. Test different smiles. You’ll be amazed at how this makes you feel. This is probably the most practical out of the 10 and you can do it every day! Try it. You won’t regret it.

There you have it. My 10 favorite of the 41 things that can make us happier. I know you’ll have your own preference. Leave a comment below and let us know what makes you happier!

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Rebecca is an author, entrepreneur and most of all, a wife and mother of two. What she enjoys the most is helping normal people reach their full potential. Rebecca uses her ever-growing skills in writing to inspire people and not settle for a normal life. As an entrepreneur, she has no shortage of failures and that is why Rebecca is the ideal person to talk about this. Read more at http://www.selfdevelopmentsecrets.com

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