How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

How many of you are super excited when you treat yourself to flowers — either from the florist, farmers’ market or grocery store? Good on you. I’ve talked about how to pick and arrange flowers, but what about making your flowers last longer?

I always love me a deal and want more for my money. Who doesn’t? Here are some simple tips on getting more life out of your bodacious bundle of blossoms.

1. Choose a new vessel. Like moving your furniture around periodically to revamp the energy in your home, this automatically shifts your mindset and changes your space.

2. Edit. Cut out dead, moldy stems. Save the flowers that haven’t bloomed yet.

3. If you have flowers that dry well — like chrysanthemums, eucalyptus or baby’s breath — don’t put water in the vessel. If you have the kind of flowers that don’t dry well, replenish the water in the vessel and rearrange the plants. Boom. Done!

You can learn a lot about life through nature and its bountiful, beautiful, authentic flow. There’s also a lot to learn about editing out the things in life that don’t work and letting go.

I’ve found that as flowers wilted, so did my heart’s excitement, but I learned to love the process of life by watching them age. There is something beautiful about seeing flowers decay. Get the most out of them by letting go and admiring the way nature’s life transpires.

Take Action

1. Going through a challenging time in life? Remember, you can’t worry about what you can’t change. You should focus your attention on what actions you can take.

2. What things in life do you need to cut away and prune? Take baby steps and be gentle on yourself. You are awesome. Remember, let go or get dragged.

Extra Extra

For flowers that dry well, preserve them by hanging them upside-down and then displaying them in an empty vase. Flowers that dry well include:

  • ageratum (floss flower)
  • amaranth
  • artemisia for its silvery foliage
  • astilbe
  • baby’s breath
  • globe thistle
  • celosia
  • coneflower seed heads
  • gomphrena
  • herbs
  • hydrangea
  • larkspurs
  • lavender
  • lunaria
  • pansies
  • rose buds
  • salvia
  • sea holly
  • statice
  • strawflower
  • yarrow


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